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Project Description

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Made in Germany inspiring the US


Today’s networked world produces large amounts of data with great diversity in terms of volume and data sources, with data from industry 4.0 and self-organized systems or services gaining an ever-increasing share. The invention of new technologies in the field of Big Data therefore requires new know-how. A key path to the integration of value creation and digitisation systems and related services in industry 4.0 is to support human decision making with automated digital algorithms.

The gap between human cognitive abilities and the need to understand large amounts of data is widening and therefore requires technological support and specially trained professionals. BRIDGE-US aims to strengthen the required capabilities as a Big Data Expert by comprehensively marketing research. The project includes various activities ranging from different types of workshops, the presentation of a Big Data Award to the marketing of Big Data Research Made in Germany through innovative promotional materials and social networking activities. The project is scheduled to start on 1 June 2019 and run for 18 months. Our focus is on research topics in the areas of supply chain management, logistics, smart cities and digital processes in healthcare. In this project, joint German-American concepts are to be developed which complement each other and are to be continued after the end of the project in order to sustainably develop project results.

According to Andrea Nahles, former Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, “digitization drives our imagination and innovation and surprises us with an endless stream of new products and business models. The Minister stressed the role of big data, digital transformation, industry 4.0 and crowdworking as the most important technical prerequisites for progressive work 4.0. In this respect, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are best suited to revolutionize traditional business models and personnel development. BRIDGE-US defines the concept of Human Cyber Physical Systems (HCPS), which are not limited to the area of Work 4.0 and Smart Offices, but also include applied CPS in the area of human well-being,Smart Health Care systems and human services, which are key requirements in the innovative world of Work 4.0 concept. In this context, training in digitisation and in particular expertise in handling large amounts of data are particularly important skills. We therefore believe that special efforts should be made in the area of Big Data to revolutionise and modernise the world of work.

Target Groups

According to AI Business, the United States is the fourth most important country in the world and the first of the three countries targeted by the call, where jobs are automated by artificial intelligence and big data technologies. Of the three target countries, the USA therefore offers the greatest potential for targeted advertising for Germany as a location for research and innovation. In addition, we have a large network of partners in the USA who work together with our team members in various situations. In particular, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Prof. Shahram Rahimi, Head of Department and Professor) at Mississippi State University, the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (Prof. Rachel Cummings, Professor of Big Data and Machine Learning) and the University of Maryland (Dr. Louiqa Raschid, Professor of Information Systems) will be members of this project on the US side. Both professors are very active and recognized in the field of Big Data and will fully support the project in marketing research in the USA in various fields. In addition, Prof. Auer’s network, which he established as an expert in the EU-US Big Data Expert Group 2, will be used for the activities of the project, as well as the TIB network. These two networks include, for example, the following institutions: MIT Media Lab (Michail Bletsas), NIST, Cornell University, Stanford (Tania Tudorache), University of Maryland (Prof. Louiqa Raschid),
Google (Natasha Noy and Denny Vrandečić) as well as ACM and IEEE.

Universities, academics and young researchers from the Big Data research area​

This target group is addressed in particular by our scientific events. Topics such as artificial intelligence and data sciences are our focus. Young researchers are specifically addressed by our Start-Up Workshop.

Start-ups with a focus on innovative new technologies in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Start-ups are particularly addressed by our Big Data Innovation Award and through their participation provide innovative impulses for young scientists and companies.

Companies that are successful in the Big Data market​.

Start-ups and scientists can learn from the experience of established companies. The companies will also benefit from new impulses from science and start-ups as well as from the research network.

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